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Our Story

We always get asked, "How did you get into wedding planning?"  Well, it wasn't on purpose.  

Some people know exactly who they are meant to be and some people grow into who they are meant to be. Then there are those like us, who had no idea and had to search long and hard to find it. That all changed the day a good friend presented us with a challenge.


Event planning has always come natural to us. It all began in high school when we joined FCCLA (Future Community & Career Leaders of America), planning several fundraising events for local nonprofits we felt a passion for. After graduating, we continued our leadership roles as Rotaract presidents to serve our community non-profits and support our future leaders. Our drive to better the lives of people in our community led us to volunteer hundreds of hours over the last decade, and somehow always managed to land on the event planning committees. 

Then, one sunny day a good friend of ours asked us to coffee. She was distraught about her wedding plans falling through with her previous coordinator that resulted in a major loss of time and money. As with many other COVID brides, our friend was forced to draw up a whole new game plan for her wedding. She knew of our history within the community’s nonprofits and valued our experience in event planning.  We were stunned when she sat us down and said, "I need you guys to become licensed coordinators and plan my wedding. I trust you and I know you can do it!" We looked at each other, thought about it for a minute, and said, "Sure! Why not?!" And the rest is history!

Discovering our love for event coordination has been a fast, beautiful ride. It is everything we ever could have imagined in what we wanted for our journey in becoming entrepreneurs. We are living our dream in making your wedding one of the best days of your lives!

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