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At All Things Elle we craft intentional, creative, and joy-filled intimate events that reflect your unique love story. Our commitment to being trustworthy, reliable, and inclusive means we're your dedicated partners, ensuring every detail is beautifully executed. We are the encouragers, the idea executors, and the caring hearts behind your special day. 


Our All Things Elle Values: 

Passion for Excellence: We are unwavering in our pursuit of perfection, ensuring every detail is expertly executed to create unforgettable wedding experiences.


Compassion and Support: We're not just planners; we're your encouragers and supportive partners, providing emotional support and guidance throughout your wedding journey.


Community Engagement: We actively give back to the communities we serve, spreading love and joy by donating leftover flowers to nursing facilities and volunteering at local organizations, making a positive impact beyond weddings.


Inclusivity: We celebrate love in all its forms and embrace diversity, fostering inclusive and welcoming spaces for everyone.


Innovation: We approach each wedding with an imaginative and creative mindset, pushing boundaries to make your day uniquely captivating and full of surprises.


Trustworthiness: Our unwavering commitment to trust and reliability ensures you can count on us every step of the way.


Personal Connection: We value building genuine relationships with our clients, working closely to understand your vision and craft an event that beautifully reflects your love story.


Efficiency: Our task-oriented approach guarantees a seamless planning process and execution of your event, leaving no detail overlooked.

Summer bride and Wedding Planner, Gabrielle Bryant

Meet Gabby, one half of the dynamic duo at All Things Elle. As co-owner and the older twin by a mere six minutes, Gabby brings a wealth of diverse experiences to the world of wedding planning and design.

With a background in insurance sales, food service, and a decade of volunteering for various local organizations, Gabby's journey has been marked by a passion for community and a commitment to service. Her love for connecting with people extends beyond work, often finding her at coffee shops, wineries, or breweries, seamlessly blending her professional and personal worlds.

Gabby's heart is shared with two German Shepherds who accompany her on her many visits to the park. When she's not immersed in the world of events, you'll likely find her working in the garden or hanging out with her longtime boyfriend.

Known as the logistical powerhouse of the duo, Gabby excels in creating intricate timelines and maintaining detailed communication. Whether it's steering through the intricacies of event planning or handling unexpected challenges, Gabby's reliability and problem-solving skills make her the go-to person, ensuring that every event unfolds seamlessly.

At All Things Elle, Gabby's dedication to precision and her warm, approachable demeanor make her an indispensable part of your wedding journey. When you work with Gabby, you're not just getting a planner; you're gaining a trusted partner who is ready to navigate the complexities and ensure your celebration is as flawless as you've envisioned.

Meet Dawnie, the other half of the vibrant force behind All Things Elle. As the younger twin, Dawnie's journey has been a fascinating tapestry of experiences, each contributing to the unique flair she brings to the world of wedding planning and design.

Dawnie's diverse background, spanning insurance sales, lab tech work in a microbiology lab, and a stint in food service, speaks to her versatility and curiosity. With over a decade of volunteering for local organizations, she has always been deeply embedded in the community, fueling her passion for service.

Her heart lies in creativity and events, evident in her roles as the resident seamstress, Cricut enthusiast, and the creative mind behind all business design work and marketing for All Things Elle. Dawnie is the embodiment of innovation, infusing every project with her unique touch.

When not orchestrating events, you'll find Dawnie at home, surrounded by her world – her husband, toddler, and two dogs. Family is her anchor, and this love extends to her work, where she approaches each project with the same dedication and care.

A wanderlust at heart, Dawnie's love for travel and history fuels her inspiration. She delights in seeking out the hidden gems and historical wonders in every destination, bringing a world of influences to her creative process.

Known for her hardworking nature, kindness, and the ability to stay one step ahead, Dawnie is an invaluable asset to All Things Elle. As a wedding planner, she goes above and beyond, ensuring that every idea is not just unique but tailored to reflect the couple's individual interests. With Dawnie by your side, you're not just getting a planner; you're gaining a visionary partner dedicated to making your wedding a truly unforgettable experience.

Fall Bride and Wedding Planner, Dawnielle Asbury
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