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Twin sisters co-owners Gabby (right) and Dawnie (middle), along with honorary triplet/killer coordinator, Phoebe (left)

About Our Team

​We are twin sisters Gabrielle Bryant and Dawnielle Asbury, ATE Co-Owners and Certified Coordinators. We also have our friend and so-called triplet Phoebe on the team as our killer coordinator. With us on your side, we'll definitely bring out the best for your event.

Our Full Story

The three of us have been business partners and aspiring entrepreneurs since 7th grade. Our first business plan was to open a little coffee house featuring books, trinkets, and (of course!) ice cream. While the coffee house never made it beyond our notebooks, our dreams have only grown and morphed into so much more.


With years of experience in event planning for large and small celebrations and non-profit events, we decided to throw ourselves into our new passion project, All Things Elle Event Coordination and Limited Décor Rentals.

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